Help Inspire a Stronger Community

One Story At A time

Guided writing workshops for

children and teens in Butte County.


Cultivate Creativity

Participants gain the confidence needed to improve critical life skills such as effective writing, problem solving, and clear communication.   

Heart & Hands

Build Relationships

Small group settings allow workshop leaders and writing coaches to act as positive role models and mentors, fostering friendships among peers.

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Inspire Growth

Thoughtful guidance, encouragement and support helps participants to increase self confidence, engage creativity, and improve skillset. 

Support. Encourage. Empower.


Not every kid has someone

in their corner.

Story Makers is so much more than just writing.

Thousands of kids in our community struggle to experience success; to cultivate their creativity; or even to find a sense of community and belonging. In order to gain confidence and feel inspired, children and teens need support, guidance and encouragement from both a mentor as well as their peers.


At Story Makers, we aim to bring people together to experience not only the unique power of writing and story, but also the positive impact of mentorship and a strong sense of community. Let's help kids be successful at writing while encouraging them to foster meaningful relationships.


Our Sponsors

Story Makers is a fund beneath the umbrella of the North Valley Community Foundation.

Your gift is 100% tax deductible.

Without the financial support from you, there are no Story Makers.

Thank you to these organizations and individuals who have generously contributed to our mission.

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